Other Features


  • A platform to trade tokens
In correspondence with the goal which our token aims to achieve, Luntivo maintains an extremely low slippage and low fees while exchanging tokens, and allows liquidity pools of like features such as tBTC.
In comparison to other AMM platforms, Luntivo is a better option in terms of its conservative model, and efficient means of avoiding volatility, thereby ensuring the formation of a strong anti-fragile asset market.
  • Decentralized staking and governance
Luntivo's staking pools are conducted by a proof-of-stake governance on the grounds of absolute decentralization.
  • Lending markets
Luntivo offers flexible trading rates and an isolated lending market for all users in the platform.
  • Platform Integration
In addition, Luntivo builds advanced protocols and various DeFi applications with the Luntivo API. Developers can make use of the open source APIs to build exciting, new applications at no cost to themselves while availing themselves of the powerful Luntivo and Terra ecosystem.
  • Yield farming
Generally, yield farming is an investment strategy found in DeFi applications. With Luntivo, users can stake cryptocurrency coins and in turn are rewarded with interests and transaction fees.
  • Lending
With this platform, users of Luntivo tokens can easily enroll for cryptocurrency loans and cash loans in either Bitcoin(BT), USD, UST using with or without collateral. With a high loan to value rate, Luntivo's minimum amount for loan would be $50, and for crypto backed loans, the participant will have to pass certain criteria before being eligible for it. This feature is still in beta.
  • Advanced Security
Luntivo provides absolute guarantee to safety and eliminates almost all DeFi and DEX attackers. With Luntivo, Rug pulls, flash loans, and common attacks will be nonexistent. Funds on Luntivo are safe and will be backed by a fund set up to cater for this purpose.
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