Integration with the Metaverse


The Metaverse is made up of ecosystems and universes existing solely online which can be accessed with VR goggles and Terminals. The Metaverse will be a meeting place of like minds and will be likened to a second life where people can trade items, tokens, and other exciting artifacts with the option of earning money (real and virtual).
When the Metaverse is finally launched and readily accessible to users all over the world, Luntivo will provide a set of APIs and no-code tools to enable creators launch products and tools in the Metaverse which can interface with the Real world to provide a truly immersive and exciting experience to participants.
These tools will enable anybody, even without programming knowledge, to spin up a product and launch it almost instantaneously. Products will run on the Terra blockchain and the payment processor will be provided by the Luntivo Team and denominated in LTVN.
Luntivo VR (in beta) provides diverse opportunities for all participants to have a good time while trading. With Luntivo VR, users are free to play games, create edifies, interact with fellow players and generally explore the virtual reality space. In addition, Luntivo is on the quest to be the first to provide a virtual space with urban planning and technology features enough for users to invest in their lands.
Last modified 7mo ago
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